Animals All of the Pink Floyd CD's from Australia All of the Animals CD's
Catalogue Numbers: 
CDCBS 81861 (on case spine).
CDCBS81861, (CK 34474), (DIDP 10206) & (LC 0149) (on rear cover).
CDCBS 81861, (LC 0199) (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Top: ** CDCBS81861**   #01    MADE BY DISTRONICS   B
General Comments: 
Issued in a standard case with a booklet. "Made in Japan by CBS/Sony/Distribution CBS Records / CBS Disques S.A." on rear cover. The artwork is a copy of the Japanese made CD with the same Catalogue number. "Made in Australia by Distronics Limited" written on CD. I think the Second issue released in New Zealand and probably Australia.