Animals All of the Pink Floyd CD's from Hong Kong. All of the Animals CD's
Sony Music Hong Kong
Catalogue Numbers: 
3032-3089-2 (on case spine).
3032-3089-2 (on rear cover and barcode on rear cover).
3032-3089-2 and ISRC CN-H10-01-327-00/A-J8 (on CD).
Hong Kong
Matrix info: 
Under (pressed on inner ring): ifpi R201
General Comments: 
This is a BLACK CD (similar to a Play Station Disc). Issued in a standard case with a full booklet as per the originally released Animals CD's. Includes the word "ArtPop" above the titile on the CD. "Manufactured by Sony Music Entertainment(Hong Kong)Ltd" printed on the rear cover. There may be additional Matrix information on the disc, but unreadable due to the black colour of the CD. I assume this is an original release and NOT a CDR. Please let me know if you have anymore information on this issue.