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www.pinkfloydcd.com CD ROM
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Own your own CD ROM of this site issued in a CD case with full colour artwork as shown. As all of the information is on the CD ROM you do not need to be On Line to access the details and artwork for the various CD's on the disc. The disc also features an auto start function so the computers browser programme will load automatically once the CD has been inserted into the CD drive. The disc will contain the current version of this site when purchased and is ideal to take away with you when on holiday or business trips etc. A great source for any Pink Floyd CD collector and is handy to have for comparing details of CD's in stores etc. Use either their store PC or your own Laptop to compare CD details.
Payment Details: 
This CD-ROM is $15.00 + $7.00 US for postage (airmail anywhere on the planet). PayPal is the preferred method of payment. Please E-mail me for more details, other payment options or my payment address. I look forward to hearing from you.