The Dark Side of the Moon All of the Pink Floyd CD's from China All of the Dark Side of the Moon CD's
Catalogue Numbers: 
XCD443 (on case spine, wrap around outer card sleeve and CD).
E IV 0356 (on Hologram sticker on wrap around outer paper sleeve).
7 25684 79624 6  (barcode on rear of wrap around card sleeve and rear cover).
ISRC CN-G15-01-420-00/A.J6 (on rear of wrap around card sleeve,rear cover and CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: XCD443    Barcode
General Comments: 
Issued in a standard case with a full wrap around gloss card outer sleeve (making case hard to remove). Noted as being an HDCD and having part of the 30th anniversary artwork on the packaging indicating it is also a SACD (both doubtful). Even includes a small SACD Logo on the rear cover art. The CD itself is a gold colour as per normal SACD. The jewel case is embossed with an HDCD logo on the top and bottom edges as well as the front. "....2003 EMI MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LNC...." printed on the rear of the outer sleeve and rear cover. Ten out of Ten for packaging as a very nice item. There is no place of manufacture stated anywhere on this release. I have assumed it has been made in China. Probably a PIRATE issue. Please let me know if you have anymore information on this issue.