The Dark Side of the Moon All of the Pink Floyd CD's from Holland All of the Dark Side of the Moon CD's
Harvest on case spine.
EMI on CD.
Catalogue Numbers: 
0777 7 46001 2 5 (on case spine and rear cover).
0777 7 81479 2 3 (on CD).
0 077774 600125 (barcode on rear cover).
D:, F:PM 520, UK: CDSHVL 804 (on rear cover). 
Matrix info: 
Under: 746001 2 @ 18   3 - 2 - 1 NL
General Comments: 
Issued in a standard case with a booklet featuring the Non remastered artwork yet the CD label has artwork from the 20th Anniversary issue. Note also that the Case artwork and CD artwork have different catalogue numbers. "PRINTED IN HOLLAND" printed on the artwork. "MADE IN HOLLAND" printed on the CD. I suspect the Dutch issue after the remastered 20th Anniversary release but before the revised artwork was available.