The Dark Side of the Moon All of the Pink Floyd CD's from Japan All of the Dark Side of the Moon CD's
Catalogue Numbers: 
7243 582136 2 1 (on case spine and rear cover).
7  24358 21362  1 (barcode on rear cover).
F:PM 554, 5821362 (on rear cover).
LC 0542 (on rear cover).
7243 582136 2 1 (582 1362) and LC 0542 (on CD).
Artwork: Australia
CD: Japan
Matrix info: 
Under (outer): 5821362 HD   2   * ** ********   Barcode
Under (inner): 5821362 CD   2   * ** ********   Barcode   IFPI L275
Under (pressed on inner ring) 45TC
General Comments: 
This is a Hybrid Super Audio Compact Disc SACD.
This info lifted from the site Brain Damage.
The first layer contains the album playable on any CD system. The second includes a high resolution stereo version, plus a 5.1 surround sound mix that plays on SACD-compatible DVD players and home theatre systems. Both layers employ SACD's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) encoding process that samples the music 64 times faster than CD for unprecedented sound quality.
Remaster. 30th Anniversary Issue. Issued in a standard case with a clear inlay to show artwork behind. Includes a sticker on the front cover, Sticker Details and a deluxe full colour booklet. Includes a SACD Logo on the rear cover and on the CD itself. "Printed in Australia" printed on the rear cover but has "Made in Japan" printed on the CD. Basically the same as the other Japanese  7243 582136 2 1 issue with slight changes in the info panel on the rear cover and in the "Under (outer)" Matrix details. Perhaps the second issue of this release in Australia where the artwork has been made in Australia. Click the SACD logo below for more information about Super Audio Compact Discs.