The Dark Side of the Moon All of the Pink Floyd CD's from the United Kingdom All of the Dark Side of the Moon CD's
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EMI United Kingdom
Catalogue Numbers: 
7243 8 29752 2 9 (on case spine and rear cover).
7 24382 97522 9 (barcode on rear cover).
I: 070, F:PM 520, CDEMD 1064 (on rear cover).
Matrix info: 
Under: CDT748001-2   @   1   :5:39
General Comments: 
This is a special edition Dark Side of the Moon issued to mark the closure of EMI's Swindon Factory. Only 250-300 of these were made to give to staff. This issue has 2 CD's housed in a single Jewel case with Remastered artwork as per the 1992 Remaster. In front of the deluxe colour booklet is an additional insert.  There is a blank CD (Disc 1) with artwork and a Matrix Number. The other CD (Disc 2) is a normal Dark Side of the Moon Music CD with the original Label. This CD has a Special Matrix number also. This is CD number 662,930,375. Thank you to Lawrence Desmond for the additional information.