The Dark Side of the Moon All of the Pink Floyd CD's from the U.S.A.
All of the Dark Side of the Moon CD's

Catalogue Numbers: 
CDP 7 46001 2 (on case spine).
0  7777-46001-2 (barcode on rear cover).
CDP 7 46001 2 and DIDX 226 (on rear cover).
CDP 7 46001 2 and DIDX 226 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Top: 9-3-10 CAPITOL JAX 62 C
Under: CDP 746001 2  @  9  + +
General Comments: 
"Manufactured for Capitol Records Inc. 1973 The Gramaphone Company Limited. 1973 Capitol Records Inc. Made in U.S.A." written on the CD. "Printed in the USA" written on the rear cover. Issued in a standard case with a full booklet. This issue leaves off all of the text above the catalogue number but has additional text below the Compact Disc logo. Also the track listing is spaced slightly further apart.
PFArchives list this issue as being the Capitol Records - 11th issue.
(Making it the ninth US made
release with this catalogue number).