Live Selections from "On An Island" U.S.A.
All of the David Gilmour CD's

Catalogue Numbers: 
88697 03726 2 (on case spine).
Matrix info: 
Top (near centre ring): 9K672C0857980
Under (outer ring of centre): 80 PG7450
General Comments: 
Note: This is a CDR.
A 6 track Promotional CDR Issued in a slimline CD case with a wrap around card insert. Includes 2 live tracks from the AOL Sessions on 7th April 2006 (On An Island & Comfortably Numb). The remaining tracks are part of a David Gilmour interview. The CD has a paper label (Pasted over a label below - Perhaps the original label had a mistake?).  "Promotional Only - Not for Sale"  Printed on the inside of the artwork.