The Division Bell All of the Pink Floyd CD's from China All of The Division Bell CD's
Catalogue Numbers: 
CK 64200 (on case spine and wrap around outer paper sleeve).
B 11 228 (on Hologram sticker on wrap around outer paper sleeve).
0   7464 - 64200 - 2   7 (barcode on rear cover).
ISRC CN-C09-98-396-00/A.J6 YA.J6-0001 (printed on rear cover and CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: YAJ6-0001    Barcode   ifpi E102
General Comments: 
Issued in a standard case with a clear inlay with a picture behind. It has a wrap around paper outer sleeve and plastic Obi including "2000CD & 24Bit" written on it (shown). Also has a Hologram sticker on the outer sleeve (shown). ".....Manufactured by Columbia Records/550 Madison Avenue/New York/NY 10022-3211..." written on rear cover as per the US CK 64200 edition. Basically a copy of the rear cover with additional text etc added. Unlikely to be 24 Bit. Probably a PIRATE issue.