The Division Bell All of the Pink Floyd CD's from Russia All of The Division Bell CD's
EMI UK (on CD)
Catalogue Numbers: 
7  31455 86582  0 (barcode on rear cover).
7243 8 28984 2 9 and LC 0542 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: pp 091   Barcode
General Comments: 
Copy of Remaster. Issued in a standard case with a clear inlay with more Division Bell artwork and "Pink Floyd * The Division Bell" (visible from front when case closed). Includes a fold out double sided slick. "...Manufactured and distributed by Unreal Records Canada inc., Made in Canada" printed on the rear cover. "...Made in Holland" printed on the CD. Includes the EMI UK Logo on the CD. The CD artwork is a copy of the Dutch release 
7243 8 28984 2 9. Almost Definately a PIRATE issue.