Is There Anybody Out There? All of the Pink Floyd CD's from China All of the Is There Anybody Out There? CD's
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Catalogue Numbers: 
C04-605 (on case spine).
6 900558 193008 (barcode on slipcase rear cover and case rear cover).
ISRC CN-D15-99-242-00/A.J6 (on slipcase rear cover and case rear cover).
ISRC CN-D15-99-243-00/A.J6 (x2) (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: HDCD243
General Comments: 
Titled as "Pink Floyd The Wall". Issued in a slimline CD case inside a card slipcase (shown). Titled as "Pink Floyd The Wall Live" on the spine of the slipcase and on the spine of the CD case. Includes a Hologram sticker on the front cover of the slipcase (shown) and includes "C II 2008" written on it. Stated on the rear cover of slip case and CD case (inc spelling mistakes) "(P) 2001 UNIVERSAL MUSIC RECORDS CO.,LTD (C) 2001 UNIVERSAL MUSIC RECORDS CO.,LTD. ALL RIGHTS OF MANUFAC TURER AND OF THE OWNER OF THE RECORDING WORK RESERVEDUNAVUTHORIZED COPYING.HIRING.RENTING.PUBLICPER FORMANCE AND BROAD CASTING OF THIS RECORDING IS PROHIBITES." Stated as being an HDCD disc on the artwork and CD (False). Also has a dCS Logo. Includes some Wall Live artwork inside the booklet. I believe this is a PIRATE issue made in China for release in Taiwan. Please let me know if you have anymore information on this issue.