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EMI United Kingdom
Catalogue Numbers: 
7243 8 35631 2 8 (on case spine, rear cover and CD).
7 24383 56312 8 (barcode on rear cover).
I: 070, F:PM 520, UK:CDEMD1084 (on rear cover).
LC 0542 (on CD)
Matrix info: 
Under: 835631  2   2   EMI SWINDON  1-1-4-NL
Under (pressed on inner ring): ifpi 1548
General Comments: 
Digital Remaster 1995. Issued in a standard case with a deluxe full colour booklet. Artwork printed in Holland. Note "EMI Swindon" as part of the Matrix info as per the U.K.
7243 8 35631 2 8 issue.