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Catalogue Numbers: 
CSK 1100 (on case spine)
CSK 1100 (on CD)..
Matrix info: 
Top (pressed on inner ring): SHAPE OPTIMEDIA, INC.   MADE IN USA   12
Under: CBS-CSK 1100 SOI02
General Comments: 
A three track CD issued in a standard CD case. 1.Dogs Of War (LP EDIT) (5:34), 2.Dogs Of War (Live Edit) (7:22), 3.On The Turning Away (Live) (6:55). "Special Versions taken from the Columbia Lp: 'A Momentary Lapse Of Reason' 40599" printed on the rear cover. I would sy this is only true for track One. "Demonstration - Not For Sale" printed on the rear cover and CD. The rear cover and CD also list Dates and Venues for part of the US tour and also advises "Additional Dates To Be Announced".