Broken China 4 Track Sampler United Kingdom All of the Rick Wright CD's
EMI United Kingdom
Catalogue Numbers: 
CDEMDJ 1098 (on case spine).
CDEMDJ 1098 and LC 0542 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: CDEMDJ 1098   1 : 2 : 2   EMI SWINDON
Under (pressed on inner ring): ifpi 1445
General Comments: 
A Four track sampler CD Issued in a Digipack to promote Broken China. "For promotional use only" printed on the rear cover. "Made in UK" and "For promotional use only" printed on CD. Includes the Release Date (UK - 7 October, 1996) and information about Rick Wright and Broken China etc. on the inside cover of the Digipak. In New Zealand this CD (inc Digipak) was issued in a Cardboard Box with a small plastic bead and a paper insert from EMI Music New Zealand. Also included was a Xeroxed review of the album from Music & Media Magazine (October 12th 1996).