The Wall Live In Berlin Germany All of the Roger Waters CD's
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Catalogue Numbers: 
846 611-2 (on case spine).
(LC 0268) and [PG 898] (on rear cover).
0  42284 66112   6 (barcode on rear cover).
846 612-2, (LC 0268) (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: 846 612-2 03 /
Under (on inner ring): MADE IN GERMANY BY UNIVERSAL M & L   IFPI 0120   YN
General Comments: 
Second issue from Germany issued in a 'Slimline" double CD case with a booklet. Includes the Mercury and Phongram logos on the rear cover. Note the PG number on the rear cover is different to the original issue. "Made in Germany" printed on the Matrix.