Radio K.A.O.S. Australia All of the Roger Waters CD's
This is Disc 1 of a 2 Disc Set. Click here to see Disc 2
The Real Deal (on slipcase)
CBS (on CD case spine).
Columbia (on CD).
Catalogue Numbers: 
Slipcase Info:
TRD039 (x2) (on slipcase spine).
9  399700 064834 (barcode on slipcase).
CD Info:
CDCBS 450518 2 (on case spine).
CDCBS450518 2, (DIDP 11122) (x2) & (LC 0199) (on rear cover).
5  099745 051823 (barcode on rear cover).
450518 2 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Top: **  450518.0  **   (DB)   #03   SONY MUSIC AUSTRALIA
General Comments: 
A reissue of two seperate CD's in a Card Slipcase (shown). This CD is the same issue as CDCBS 450518 2 including the mistake on the original year of issue (1967).