In The Flesh Austria
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Catalogue Numbers: 
501137 6 (on case spine and edge of slipcase).
5011376001 & COL 501137 6 (on the rear of the slipcase).

5 099750 113769 (barcode on rear cover of slipcase).
501137 6   (LC 00162)   5011376001 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Matrix (under) outer: S0100446206-A922   108   A 3   Barcode   Sony Music   IFPI L558
Matrix (under) inner: S0100446206-B922   48   A 5   Barcode   Sony Music   IFPI L557
Under (pressed on inner ring): IFPI 94C5
General Comments: 
This is a Single Layer Multichannel Super Audio Compact Disc SACD.
It features SACD Stereo and SACD Surround sound. (It is NOT a Hybrid disc).
Issued in a 'Slimline" double CD case inside a cardboard slipcase (shown). "Made in Austria" printed on the CD. "SINGLE LAYER MULTICHANNEL Super Audio CD Plays only on Super Audio CD Players 0563610000" Printed on the Sticker on the front of the Slipcase (Shown) Sticker Details. Includes a Booklet and a Generic SACD - DSD insert.
SACD, DSD, Stereo Multi-ch logo's on the rear cover.

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