High Hopes All of the Pink Floyd CD's from Holland All of the Pink Floyd CD Singles
EMI United Kingdom
Catalogue Numbers: 
7243 8 81773 2 0 (on envelope edges and rear cover sticker).
7  24388 17732 0 (barcode on rear cover sticker).
PF412 (on additional sticker on rear cover).
7   59091 98772   0 (barcode on additional sticker on rear cover).
I:, F:, UK: CDEMS 342 (on rear cover sticker).
7243 8 81773 2 0 and LC 0542 (on CD).
Artwork: UK
CD: Holland
Matrix info: 
Under: 881773 2 @ 1   1 - 1 - 6 - NL
General Comments: 
A three track CD single issued in a cardboard envelope. Includes two inner sleeves with artwork. One for the CD with the other containing seven film cards. 1. High Hopes (Radio Edit), 2. Keep Talking (Radio Edit), 3. One of these Days (Live). Track three recorded at Niedersachsenstadion Hanover, August 1994. The envelope is held shut with a sticker including the Catalogue - Barcode information (shown). Issued with a small additional sticker with "Made in England" and other numbers included on the rear cover (not shown). "Printed in the UK" printed on the rear sticker shown. "Made in Holland" printed on yet another sticker on the inside flap of the envelope. "Made in Holland" printed on the CD.