The Early Singles All of the Pink Floyd CD's from the U.S.A. All of the Pink Floyd CD Singles
Catalogue Numbers: 
Box Info:
CXK 53180-S2(on sticker on the front of the box).
CXK 53180-S1 (on sticker on the rear of the box).
0  7464 - 53180 2  8 (on sticker on the rear of the box).
CD Info:
CXK 53180 and CK 53181 (on rear of Digipak).
CXK 53180/CK 53181 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: 1A CK53181  04  C1   Barcode
General Comments: 
Part of the SHINE ON Box Set. "Special 8-CD Boxed Set of Newly-Remastered and Repackaged Classics. Also Includes Bonus CD Digipak Of Early Singles, 112-Page Hard Cover Box Of Lyrics, Rare Photos, Interviews ...And More!" printed on the cover sticker on Box. The CD is housed in a fold out Digpak. "Bonus CD (Digitally Remastered) included with the 8-CD Set "Shine One" " printed on the CD. Pictured below is the front and rear cover art of the Digipak. For more information on this SHINE ON Box Set, click the pic below.
Shine On Details More info on the SHINE ON set.