Ummagumma All of the Pink Floyd CD's from Australia
All of the Ummagumma CD's
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Catalogue Numbers: 
7 46404 8 (x2) (on case spine).
7 46404 8 (on rear cover).
0 77774 64048 o (barcode on rear cover).
CDP 746405 2 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: CDP 7 46405 2 AR 6   EMI SWINDON
General Comments: 
Issued in a double "fatboy" case with a booklet. A full page black and white picture of each band member on the inner four pages. Includes the "Gigi" picture on the front cover. "DIGITAL AUDIO TECHNOLOGIES AUSTRALIA (and Logo)" printed on the CD. As per some other Ummagumma issues, the two CDs seem to have different label and Matrix info.