The Wall All of the Pink Floyd CD's from Bulgaria All of The Wall CD's
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Harvest EMI (on case spine)
EMI (on CD)
Catalogue Numbers: 
7243 8 31243 2 9 (on rear cover).
7 24383 12432 9 (barcode on rear cover).
AS 5-99, F:PM 613, CDEMD 1071 (on rear cover).
No number on the CD.
Matrix info: 
Under: AP 00126
General Comments: 
Issued in slimline 2CD case with with a fold out slick. The inside of the foldout slick is printed with the brick pattern as per the cover but without the text. The inside of the rear cover also features this brick artwork. There is no catalogue number on the case spine or on the CD's. Silver CD with a black screen printed label. The rear artwork has a panel around the barcode similar to the remastered release 7243 8 31243 2 9 from Holland. I assume this is from Bulgaria as there is no place of manufacture stated anywhere. Probably a PIRATE issue. Please let me know if you have anymore information on this issue.