The Wall All of the Pink Floyd CD's from China All of The Wall CD's
This is Disc 1, Disc 2 issued seperately. Click here to see Disc 2
Catalogue Numbers: 
C04-605 (on slipcase spine and case spine).
9 474091 171993 (barcode on slipcase rear cover (x2) and rear cover).
ISRC CN-E24-01-535-00/A.J6 (on slipcase rear cover and case rear cover).
ISRC CN-A71-01-304-00/A.J6 and C04-605 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: C04-605
Under (pressed on inner ring): ifpi (number smudged)
General Comments: 
This is Disc One, Disc Two issued seperately.
Stated on the rear cover of slip case and CD case "Some Asian characters and P + C 2002 universal music taiwan all rights reserved all trademarks And logos are prothorized dupiication is a violotion of opplicable Laws. more Asian characters." Some of the Asian characters say "China Young Man Music" on the CD label. There is also a mistake in the Characters on the CD label as they translate to "PINS FLOYD". Stated as being an HDCD disc on the artwork and CD (False). Also has a dCS Logo. Issued in a case with a booklet including some Wall Live artwork amongst other pictures. The case has a clear inlay with the Title behind. Altogether issued in a Card Slipcase with an Obi included as part of the slipcase (shown). Includes a hologram sticker on the slipcase (shown). I believe this is a PIRATE issue made in China for release in Taiwan. Thank you to Li-kun for the translation and additional information.