The Wall All of the Pink Floyd CD's from China All of The Wall CD's
This is Disc 1, Disc 2 issued seperately. Click here to see Disc 2
Sony Music
Catalogue Numbers: 
CD-198 (on fold around slick and case spine).
0 270782 441185 (barcode on on fold around slick).
ISRC CN-C12-00-359-00/A.J6 (on rear of fold around slick).
ISRC CN-C12-00-359-00/A.J6 and CD-198 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: CD-198   Barcode
Under (pressed on inner ring): ifpi (number intentionally smudged)
General Comments: 
This is Disc One, Disc Two issued seperately.
Issued in an unusual CD case incorporating a fold around card slick that is part of the insert. Also includes colour booklet. Hologram sticker with the numbers "D V 2388" and another Hologram sticker HDCD (false) on the cover (both shown). Also includes Highland Records, Rockin Music as well as Sony Music Logos on the rear of the fold around slick. Also states as being 24bit (false). "...Manufactured and printed in Taiwan" printed on the rear of the Slick and case. "......Marketed and distributed by Emperor Entertainment Group Limited" printed on CD. I believe this is a PIRATE issue made in China for release in Taiwan. Thank you to Li-kun for the additional information.