Wish You Were Here All of the Pink Floyd CD's from Bulgaria All of the Wish You Were Here CD's
EMI United Kingdom (on rear cover).
Harvest (on CD).
Catalogue Numbers: 
7243 8 29750 2 1 (on case spine).
7243 8 29750 2 I (on rear cover).
5  09974 84000  6 (barcode on rear cover).
I:070, F: PM 520, CDEMD 1062 (on rear cover).
CDP 7 46035 2 and LC 1305 (on CD).
Matrix info: 
Under: CDP 746035 2 @ 2
General Comments: 
Copy of Remaster. Issued in a standard case with a foldout slick, no artwork on the inside of the foldout. The case has a clear inlay but no artwork behind. "Digital remaster © 1992 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Pink Floyd Music Ltd. under exclusive licens to EMI Records Ltd. © 1994 Pink Floyd Music Ltd." is printed on the rear cover. The rear cover states that it is Printed in Holland where as the CD states "Made in Germany". I believe the artwork is copied from two different sources. Note also that the "Handshake" picture on the rear cover has been rotated 90 degrees to normal.  I have assumed this CD is from Bulgaria, probably a PIRATE issue. Please let me know if you have anymore information on this issue.