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Sony Music Special Products
Catalogue Numbers: 
AK 52417 (on case spine).
AK 52417 (on rear cover).
7464 - 52417 - 2 (barcode on rear cover).
AK 52417, DIDP 077208 (on CD)
Matrix info: 
Top: DIDP-077208   1   * ** *****   Barcode
General Comments: 
Issued in a standard case with a foldout slick. Includes three Pink Floyd tracks: 1. Heart Beat Pig Meat, 2. Crumbling Land, 3. Come In Number 51, Your Time is Up. "Sony Music Special Products / Manufactured by Columbia Records" printed on the CD. "....Manufactured by Columbia Records/666 Fifth Ave., P.O. Box 4450, New York NY 10101-4450...." printed on the rear cover.