The Final Cut All of the Pink Floyd CD's from China
All of the Final Cut CD's

Catalogue Numbers: 
Nothing on case spine.
9787883933830, ISBN 7-88393-383-3 and T-231 (on slip case and rear cover).
9 787883 933830 (barcode on slip case and rear cover).
F:PM, UK:576 7342 (on slip case and rear cover).
ISRC CN-F29-95-308-00/A.J6 (on slip case and rear cover).
T-231 and ISRC CN-D16-03-309-00/A.16 (on CD).

Matrix info: 
Under: T-231
General Comments: 
This a Gold CD. Issued in a standard CD case within a Cardboard wrap around Book like slip case which includes an Obi built in. Includes two stickers on the front cover (shown). A 2004 release including "When the Tigers Broke Free". Stated on the slip case and rear cover "Some Asian characters ..... digital remaster [P]2004 the copyright in this sound recording is owned by pink floyd music ltd. under exclusive license to emi records ltd[C]2004......" Also says "Printed in the EU" on the rear panel of the slip case and rear cover. Stated as being an HDCD on the case and slip case spine, sticker and CD etc. Also has a DSD logo on the slip case and rear cover. The Standard case has a colour booklet and a clear inlay with a picture behind showing Title and Artist info when case is closed. I believe this is a PIRATE issue. Please let me know if you have anymore information on this issue.